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Caravanwise Limited is registered with the Information Commissioners Office. Registration number Z715808X

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This website does not passively collect personal data. The web log is only ever used for statistical analysis of visitor numbers and the source of those visitors.

Only essential cookies that do not store or transmit personal data are set.

Online Quotations

If you go to the horsebox insurance quotation pages and fill in forms to request a quote then that data is collected and is used to prepare a quote and for insurance purposes. If you are asked to provide an email address, postal address or telephone number these will be kept private and will only be used, solely by ourselves, in association with our insurance services. We will provide you with an opportunity to opt out of receiving such communications.

Consent You will be asked for consent to use your data for the purpose of preparing an insurance quotation and to contact you about that quotation. We have a legitimate interest in contacting you after you have requested a quotation

Insurance Proposal and Policy Management

Your personal data is only disclosed, by ourselves, to the insurer or underwriter and scheme administrator of the insurance policy. It may also be disclosed to regulatory authorities if they require this as part of our activity as an insurance intermediary and to Law Enforcement authorities if they make a valid request. If you decide to pay your premium by way of a consumer credit agreement, with the premium finance company with which we arrange credit, we will also disclose your personal data to that company. Each company that we deal with has their own privacy and personal data notice and you will be provided with this if you become a client.

How we may use your personal data is controlled by the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) 2016. Caravanwise Limited is registered for the purpose of processing personal data.

If you become a policy holder, through ourselves, we may then provide further information, to the insurer, scheme and claims administrator, and their agents, which you subsequently disclose regarding a claim or change in your personal circumstances which may affect your insurance. This information is only transferred between ourselves and the insurer and scheme administrator, and their agents, with which you have an insurance policy. If you decide to pay your premium by way of a consumer credit agreement with the premium finance company that we arrange credit with, we will also disclose your personal data with them.

If you specifically request that we pass on your information to an alternative insurance intermediary for the purposes of obtaining a quotation for a risk that we are unable to quote on or to obtain an alternative quotation then we will pass on the information that you provide for this purpose. We make no representations as to the suitability of the alternative company's policy for you. You must satisfy yourself as to its suitability and to the terms and conditions of that policy. The alternative company may pay us an introductory fee or commission if you decide to buy a policy from them. You will become their client and we will make no further contact with you.

Information provided to us may be held on computer, paper file or other format, whether or not you purchase a policy. We will hold this information for a period of time to ensure we have a clear and complete history of insurance enquiries, applications, policy records and transactions.

If we receive a request for policy information by an individual other than the policy holder we will check that the policy holder has given permission to do this.

We will store your data securely and will retain it for at least the statutory minimum period. When we dispose of your data we will do so securely.

The insurer has its own data protection statement which is available on request.

You have a right to see the data we have on file about you. You can ask for a copy of the personal information we hold about you by writing to: Anne Wherrett, Caravanwise Limited, 100 Ringwood Road, Walkford BH23 5RF This is subject to the provisions of The Data Protection Act 1998 and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) 2016.

Your Consent

You need to be aware that by submitting information on forms on this website you are giving consent for this data to be used in the way set out in this privacy policy. From time to time way may make changes to this privacy policy in order to keep pace with changes in legislation and to make corrections or improvements to the wording. If you continue to use this service then this will be taken as your consent that you agree to the changes in the privacy policy set out here.

The Internet is a network of computer servers and it is possible that your data may be routed via servers and networks outside the European Union. This could be construed as transfer. Although this is unlikely it is outside of our control and by submitting any information you consent to this possible transfer.

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