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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have an expectation that insurance companies and intermediaries will treat their customers fairly and in their best interests. We have always had this at the core of the way that we do business. All of our systems, information, documents and the way that we deal with our customers and employees is designed to ensure that we go the extra mile in every case. We have been in the business of providing insurance for since 1998 and have built an enviable reputation for our friendly efficient approach to helping our customers get the cover they need at a reasonable price.

The information you need when you need it

We make sure that you have the information you need when you need it to help you to make your decision. This includes details of the total cost of your insurance and what administrative charges apply. We have easy to understand prospectuses and a summary of cover for each product that we send to you by first class post along with your written quotation or, if you decide to take up the insurance over the telephone, before seeing it in writing, we send out these documents to you immediately by first class post. We send you a full copy of the policy and a schedule of insurance immediately if you take up insurance. If once you read this, within 14 days, you decide that the insurance is not for you then you may cancel it and receive a full refund of the premium less any non refundable admin charge.

We provide detailed information on our Car&Vanwise insurance website at and you are able to obtain a quotation for insurance from that site for motorised horseboxes 24 hours a day.

Experienced Staff

We ensure that our people understand the insurance products that we provide in depth so that they can answer your questions accurately and we always have more senior people on hand to answer more complex enquiries should one arise. As they go through the quotation process they will explain many of the features of cover and any significant or unusual exclusions as they go along.

Low charges

We aim to keep our charges low. We regularly keep an eye on the charges made by our competitors and aim to keep ours below average for our market. We disclose our charges before you commit to your decision and provide you with information on where charges may be applied mid term in your insurance policy.

All confirmed in writing

We confirm everything to you in writing promptly. The written documentation provides more detail than we are able to over the telephone and it is important that you read what you are sent. Insurance is a detailed contract in which the insurance underwriter agrees to pay for your losses in certain circumstances. It is important that you read and understand what those circumstances are, what exclusions apply and what your obligations are as part of that contract. This is why it is important for you to read the documentation when you receive it. If you are not sure of anything in your policy you can always ask for clarification. We will explain what cover and exclusions are contained in the policy but we are not allowed, by the underwriter, to give a different interpretation on the words in the policy than they intended and we are not able to bind them to pay any claim.

Specialist claims handlers

We do not deal with any claims directly ourselves, rather these are dealt with by the Insurers claims department. Highway, part of LV, have a UK claims centre available 24 hours a day. Details of how to contact them is contained in the policy book.

Sympathetically deal with any complaints

We promise to deal with any complaints about ourselves quickly and sympathetically. We have found that if we truly treat you fairly and act in your best interest, keep charges low and provide prompt accurate answers to your questions there should be very few complaints. We promise to learn from every one that we do receive and where we are in the wrong we will promptly offer a reasonable settlement and/or apology.

Treating customers fairly and acting in your best interest really is at the core of our business. Always has been, always will be.

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